Mar 29

Natural beauty of Indonesia Known By The World

visit IndonesiaIndonesia is a beautiful country. All the people who live in it also must know, but whether you know if from the east to the western tip of Indonesia is full of sheer natural beauty. The whole beauty of it is not only amazing us, but also people from around the world.

It’s her natural beauty of Indonesia’s 20 worldwide:


1. Mount Rinjani, Lombok (Indonesia)

Rinjani has panoramic is arguably the best among the mountains in Indonesia. Each year (June to August) is frequently visited nature lovers ranging from local residents, students, nature lovers. The average air temperature of about 20 ° C; Lowest 12 ° C. Strong winds in the usual peak occurred in August. Lucky end of this July, the wind is still quite weak and quite sunny weather, so the climb to the top can be done anytime.

Mount Rinjani, Lombok (Indonesia)1Mount Rinjani, Lombok (Indonesia)

2. Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara (Indonesia)

Komodo National Park (TN. Komodo) is an area consisting of several islands with sea water. These islands are the habitat of the Komodo dragon (Varanus) is an ancient reptile left on earth. Unique natural conditions, there is a vast savanna with the lontar trees (Borassus flabellifer).

Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara (Indonesia)1 Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara (Indonesia)

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Mar 26

Staying Fit on Vacation

Staying Fit on VacationFacation synonymous with traveling; This moment certainly often used for vacation and going out of town or even out of the country with the family. Certainly fun is not it? One factor that must be considered when the holiday certainly on health. You definitely do not want to fall ill while on vacation. Sometimes traveling can make health to decrease, whether due to fatigue, weather conditions or because of lack of sleep. Obviously you still want to fit and stay fit while on vacation instead? There are several ways you can do to stay fit and healthy in while on vacation.

Walking distance to tourist attractions

Walking was to visit the sights or walk around the hotel you to keep your body fit. Bring a map or using a GPS device can help you to determine the distance between the hotel and tourist attractions you want to target. With walking distance to sights or other public transportation, you will be able to enjoy the local atmosphere and burn calories at the same time.

Limit spending on alcohol and food

Limiting the amount of food you eat may be difficult. Conversely, you can also limit the amount of money you spend on alcohol would also food. Plan your vacation according to your budget and spend more money on travel and see new places rather than spend it on food and drinks. It will help you to keep your calorie intake under control.

Fixed exercise

Stay Fit When LiburanSebagian the hotels are equipped with sports facilities, swimming pool and play area. So it would not hurt you to utilize the facilities provided. Spend some time in the morning or in the afternoon for exercise such as swimming or playing on the beach. You can meet a lot of people, identify new people and would be enjoyed if you play well with children. It can also make a family stay fit and would be a nice holiday.

Keep moving when you are traveling


Trip air hours during the holidays can make the body feel stiff and you feel lazy. The body can feel stress when traveling. Hours traveling on a train, bus, or plane can lead to cramps. To ensure that this does not happen to you, try to keep moving like movements of the hands, feet, and head. Perform simple exercises such as twisting your wrist and move your legs up and down from the ankle to avoid problems.

Bringing practical sports equipment

If you are accustomed to exercise at home, you can carry sports equipment practical example to practice yoga, you can bring a travel mat which is devoted to yoga while traveling. Bring equipment that is easy to carry and not heavy, you can store it in your luggage.

Visiting shopping

Many traditional places that became the hallmark of a place that can be visited. By walking, this activity can also help you to burn calories without you knowing it. It would be better if you are already planning a shopping destination that you want to visit so it will be more than doing a saving search time when already there.

Renting a bike or follow hiking


Stay Fit When LiburanJika your vacation destination offers many routes, biking or hiking trails, there is no harm in trying to take a few hours to follow. It will help you to keep fit. Cycling and hiking with the family is also an activity that will leave an impression and memories, explore more opportunities to take pictures and capture the moment.

Vacation can make you become more fresh again to undergo daily activities. Therefore, take advantage of the one day of your holiday with the best. It’s time to give yourself leeway. Hope this information is useful.

Mar 25

Affordable Honeymoon

honeymoonIf you are going to get married, then you must think about a honeymoon trip to a beautiful place, right? A place where you can enjoy and have fun. But, if you are worried about the costs to be incurred, then there is plenty of affordable honeymoon abroad.


Jamaica and the Caribbean islands around this place is probably the best place as a destination for honeymoon ever. Previously, the cost of the resort and hotel reservations are not so friendly to our pockets. But, of course, many things have certainly changed with the passage of time. You will get special deals and discounts on the most amazing honeymoon packages in Jamaica at this time, try to look for good deals.


If you want to explore the perfect place to do something new, then try Australia. From the beach to the nightlife, the exploration of everything that might be available there. There are many hotels that provide special packages for the new couple. There are many seasonal discount on honeymoon packages available. The best place to spend time with your partner.

Montreal, Canada

Did you know that you can get a feel of Paris in Montreal? If you are a lover of romantic things, and you can not really afford to go to Paris, then Montreal in Canada is a place that should you choose otherwise. There are some amazing attractions that can please you and your partner. Do not forget to visit the bars and markets there during your visit.


honeymoon thai

If you want to find the beauty in Southeast Asia, go to our neighboring countries, namely Thailand for your honeymoon. This is probably the most cheapest and most affordable place to visit. Do not forget to visit the tropical paradise of Phuket when you visit Thailand. There are many hotels in Thailand which offers several offers the best honeymoon package, please find out more about these offers.

Sri Lanka

Another great option for an affordable honeymoon. Sri Lanka is surrounded by water and place with the most amazing scenery. You can spend hours with your partner to see interesting places. Or find something that might take you to the local cultural heritage. If you plan to book early, you will get some amazing discounts on honeymoon packages.


Well, if you are looking for a trip to Western Europe are too low, then you have to go to Portugal. This place will make you feel happy, because it has a very old world charm in the country. There are some amazing beaches in places that may attract you and your partner. Select the best discounts available.

Oahu in Hawaii


Beautiful islands and beaches are quite an attraction for newlyweds. If you also want to be in a place like this, then go to this place was. Stunning scenery and beauty will amaze you and your partner. You also can get some incredible deals on packages in the off season. This is the right place if you’re looking for a new and affordable option.

Plan your goals according to your choice. If you have made a booking in advance, then you will get some good deals on special packages. Choose the best and enjoy a good time with your partner.

Mar 18

Visit Lombok And Sumbawa For Your Vacation

Indonesia, an archipelago with many beautiful places. Each region has diverse cultures. Bali is one of the places that are known in all countries, but not the only island of Bali which is owned by Indonesia. Lombok and Sumbawa also have a lot of beauty. Visit Lombok if you vacation in Indonesia.




Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan


Mar 12

Beautiful Pink Beach From Lombok Island

Pink Beach Lombok IslandPink Beach Sekaroh In the village, District Jerowaru, East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Pink Beach’s actually named Beach Tangsi. Referred to as the Pink Beach because of the color of sand is dominated by the color pink. The beach is located in the small village Sekaroh, District Jerowaru East Lombok is part of Tanjung Ringgit, but because of the location and road infrastructure may be inadequate so this Pink Beach becomes exposed to the media and tourists.

Tangsi in Indonesian dictionary defined the word “dormitory” or “barracks”. Somehow the history of the beginning, but if the glance of the state of the surrounding environment, probably at this place was once the location used as the headquarters of the Japanese. This was evidenced by the presence of artificial caves and also a relic Meriam Japanese invaders.

One thing that the main attraction of the beach Tangsi / beach is a sand-colored Pink Pink aka Pink. In Indonesia there are only two pink sandy beaches you know, one of which is located on the island of Komodo NTT. When viewed more closely, in fact the original color is actually a white sand beach, but because it is mixed with crushed flake pink coral reefs, as the procession of nature and flake fragments of coral reefs is then fused and form a pink color, especially when exposed to seawater and exposed sunlight, so its pink color clearly visible.

pink beach lombok

Pink Beach

Besides sand beaches typical pink color, this beach also has a very impressive natural scenery. Surrounded by cliffs – a fairly high cliff with Berugak (a kind of cottage / pavilion) above are provided for the tourists to enjoy the expanse of the sea. The view from the top of the cliff will make you amazed by the beautiful panorama below the cliff. The typical scent of sea water, caress breeze and the sound of the waves that hit the reef makes the heart anyone who visit here to be quiet.

To reach the site Tangsi Beach / Coast Pink takes two hours from the city of Mataram, a considerable distance away. The route is exactly the same as Routes to Tanjung Ringgit, because it is the location of the two adjacent. Only Tangsi Beach entrance is on the left, about 1 KM before Tanjung Ringgit. Well, at the entrance there are instructions / small sign to the left of the road reads “Pantai Pink 50 meters

Pink Beach flows fairly quiet with very small waves, so cool to play – play and no harm. If you could go snorkeling, then you will be amazed by the reef coral reefs are very beautiful. Although some point coral reefs visible only in the form of the remains of coral reefs have been destroyed by the anchor and the Fisherman’s boat anchor.

Mar 10

Erau East Kalimantan Cultural Traditions The Stay Alive

East Kalimantan CulturalErau is an Indonesian cultural tradition that is held every year with activities in the center Tenggarong, East Kalimantan. Erau derived from Kutai, Eroh which means crowded, boisterous, noisy, joyful atmosphere. The atmosphere is lively, boisterous voice in the sense of the many activities of a group of people who have good intent and meaning is sacred, ritual, and entertainment. Erau was first implemented on the ground and shower tijak ceremony to the rim when the Supreme Deity Aji Batara Sakti aged 5 year old. Having grown up and was appointed the first King Kutai (1300-1325), also held a ceremony Erau. Since then Erau always held every substitution or the coronation of the Kings of Kutai.

During its development, the ceremony Erau apart as the coronation ceremony of King, also for giving the title of King of the leaders or community leaders who is credited against the Kingdom.
Erau ceremony conducted by relatives of Sultan / Palace by inviting all leaders of community leaders who serve the kingdom. They come from all corners of the empire to bring supplies of foodstuffs, livestock, fruits, and also the artists. In this Erau ceremony, the palace of the Sultan and other relatives give a banquet to the people by providing the best possible service as a sign of gratitude for the devotion of its people Sultan.

East Kalimantan Cultural1

East Kalimantan Cultural2

After the end of the reign of Kutai Sultanate in 1960, the area became the autonomous region Kutai. Erau tradition be maintained and preserved as a party of the people and culture festival that became a regular agenda Kutai Regency in commemoration of the anniversary of Tenggarong, Kutai Sultanate central government since 1782.

Mar 05

Italy Romantic Place

ItalyItaly is known for having a lot of beautiful and historic city that is worth a visit for the purpose of tourist attractions in Italy. The trip to the Italian city is best done by train, because driving in Italian cities may be very difficult due to the density of traffic flow in the course. Moreover, the Italian train system is excellent and spacious and of course also quite cheap. Most of the city center in Italy is perfect for walking, let alone most of the city center may be closed for transport vehicles. Largest Italian cities generally have good public transport, too.

The following list of 10 City tourist attractions in Italy is the most popular:

1. Rome


Rome is the capital of modern Italy. Rome is full of history in various aspects of life and building. This city has many ancient monuments, interesting medieval churches, beautiful fountains, museums, and Renaissance palaces. Rome is a bustling city and has some very good restaurants and nightlife that is perfect for the foreign tourists who visit one of the tourist attractions in Italy this. The Vatican and St. Peter also were in Rome.

2. Venezia


Venice is a unique city built on water in the middle of the lagoon. Venezia is one of the city’s most beautiful and romantic, and became one of the tourist attractions in Italy and one of the most popular for visitors to Italy. The heart of Venice, is Piazza San Marco with a magnificent church. There are many museums, palaces, and churches to visit and try to get around Venice canal along very interesting. Venezia is located in the northeast of Italy and most historically is a bridge between East and West in Venezia.

3. Milan


Milan, one of the richest cities in Europe, which is known for its stores are stylish, galleries, and restaurants. Milan is one of the tourist attractions in Italy who have day-to-day life a little different than most cities in Italy. The city also has a heritage of art and culture is very rich. The cathedral, with beautiful marble facade and magnificent, as well as La Scala is one of the most famous opera houses in the world.

4. Florence


Florence is one of the centers of Renaissance architecture and art of the most important in Italy. One of the tourist attractions in Italy in Florence, is a magnificent cathedral and Baptism, but sometimes this place is crowded with tourists who visit this place. Florence has several interesting museums with many famous paintings and sculptures. There is also a palace and garden, Florence in Tuscany.

5. Napoli


Naples is one of the tourist attractions in the Italian city’s most vibrant. Napoli is located on the south coast of Rome and the most important city in southern Italy. Napoli has recently undergone some renovations, but still retains much character ever. This city has many historical and artistic treasures of Italy.

6. Verona


Verona is known for the story of Romeo and Julietnya and Roman Arena, the third largest in Italy and a place for opera festival. Verona has a town center with medieval style well, which remained the Roman style, and has an interesting palace complex. This town is a tourist spot in Italy fourth most visited in Italy and you are worth stopping in this town, if you have a travel itinerary Italy.

7. Genoa


Genoa is a tourist spot in Italy, located on the west coast of Italy, and became the center of the harbor in Italy. Genoa in 2004 became the European Cultural Capital, until the money continues to flow into this port city. Since this city made famous by Columbus, and now the city is a better place than ever to visit. Genoa has a fascinating aquarium, an interesting port area, and the historic center to say the largest medieval quarter in Europe, with a wealth of churches, palaces, and museums.

8. Bologna


Bologna is known for its beauty, richness, and cooking. The streets are lined with beautiful arcades, so a good place to walk, even in the rain though. Tourist attractions in Italy have one of the oldest universities in Europe and a great medieval center. There are some interesting box, lined with buildings with veranda (portico) good. Bologna is the capital of the region of Emilia-Romagna in northern Italy.

9. Turin


Turin, host of the 2006 Winter Olympics, is a major cultural center with excellent museums, elegant shops and nice restaurants. There are also some very nice examples of baroque architecture, the historic castle located in one of the resorts in Italy this. Turin has many historic cafes, and alleys in the city center. Turin is located in northwest Italy, between the Po River and the foothills of the Alps.

10. Perugia


Perugia is a very cosmopolitan city and home to two universities in the city. Perugia has a world-famous jazz festival in the summer, as well as the University for Foreigners is a great place to learn Italian in Italy’s tourist attractions. The city consists of a walled city on a hilltop, with views of the valley are very beautiful, and has several important monuments, and some good midfield city. Its history back to the ninth century BC. Perugia in central Italy and the capital of the region of Umbria.

Mar 04


bangka belitung islandBangka Belitung Island is a young province in Sumatra, Indonesia. Bangka is derived from the word vangka that means tin, because there are a lot of tin contained on the island. In addition, Bangka Belitung is very appropriate for tourists who love the natural panorama beach. The beauty of the beaches in the Bangka Belitung Island are not inferior to the beaches in Bali as Sanur Beach, Kuta or Seminyak. Here is the following information about Travel Location.

Rambak Beach


Of all the beaches on the island of Bangka, Sungailiat area has the largest collection of beach with views that are not always owned Lai Beach. One of the beaches that should be explored in Sungailiat is Rambak Beach.

The beach is located not far from the city center Sungailiat offers white sand along the 3 km. In some corner of the beach, some rocks towering giants, would make a great photo spot morning. Sunrise is so charming in this place by the reflection of light in the morning behind the beach, produce a perfect stretch of blue sky.

Parai Tenggiri Beach

tenggiri beach

Mackerel Parai Beach is located in the area Sungailiat. Location beach is not so far from the Deputy Amir Airport, approximately 40 miles or taken within one hour by motor vehicle. Currently, Parai Tenggiri Beach’s area designated as a green tourist area as Parai Green Resort which has a great concern to the effort to save the environment by reducing the use of materials that can pollute beaches, such as plastic, as well as planting trees at tourist sites.

Parai Tenggiri Beach is the most popular and exclusive beaches in the Bangka Belitung Island. This beach has already adequate facilities, such as resorts, hotels, outbound facilities, parasailing, and water games. Parai Tenggiri Beach has stunning natural scenery. The beach is quite flat and has gentle waves, white sand with a charming blue sea, combined with giant granite boulders with a variety of unique shapes, scattered on the shoreline, will make the tourists who come increasingly fascinated.

Matras Beach


This beach is located in the village of New Light, Sungailiat, Northeast side of the island of Bangka and is about 40 km from Pangkalpinang or 7 km from the city Sungailiat. Matras Beach not too much exposed, the beach is still clean and natural, with white sand and a variety of rocks on the beach. One advantage of Matras Beach than in the surrounding beach is the small freshwater lake shore. The lake water is very clear and shallow, so it is safe to rinse or just plain water.

Around the beach there are simple but comfortable bungalows. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of the beach with swaying palm trees and the natural river flow, in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Tanjung Tinggi Beach


Tanjung Tinggi is located approximately 30 km from the city of Tanjung Pandan. Tanjung Tinggi Beach became very famous since used as a filming location OF Laskar Pelangi. This beach has a specific form of large granite boulders that are scattered on the beach. White sand beaches mixed with the blue sea make tourists feel at home to linger on the beach. Accommodation is sufficed to start their resorts and lodging in coastal areas.

Lengkuas Island


Island of approximately 1 ha is in Sijuk, Belitung, Bangka Belitung. Has a characteristic form hundreds of years old lighthouse, is said to be built by the Dutch in 1882. Travelers are allowed to climb the lighthouse stairs, so that they can enjoy the beautiful white sand beach with blue sea nan Ndari the height of about 50 m. It’s no worry if you are not able to reach the top. On each floor there is a window overlooking the lighthouse in different directions so that the beautiful scenery down there still can be enjoyed or captured by the camera.

For tourists who like sea bathing and snorkelling, we recommend a visit in March – September, when the waves of the sea are calm and friendly. It is not recommended to visit the island of Galangal in December-January. In addition to the rainy season, waves and currents also tend to be large and can be dangerous.

Until 2008, the island was inhabited only a few people Galangal lighthouse keepers, but since the “movie” Laskar Pelangi “takes place in the Bangka Belitung Island, tourists began visiting this island. Bring something to eat and drink enough because there is no shop on the island. Use clean water supplied wisely, because the availability of fresh water on the island is very limited.

The base or Pengkal in Malay means the center or the beginning, referring to the city’s role as the center of the tin mining industry. The small former mining town, has now developed into a commercial center of the island and the port that connects the islands in the vicinity. While the word ‘nut’ leads to this place is overgrown with palm trees.

Located on the east coast of the island of Bangka, Pangkalpinang is the largest city on the island of Bangka once the capital of the province of Bangka Belitung. When you get off the plane in Depati Amir Airport, a warmly sentence “Selamat datang di Serumpun Sebalai Tanah” has welcome you there. This sentence is also the slogan of Bangka Belitung heterogeneous society.

Pangkalpinang offers a beautiful stretch of beach, one of which is Pasir Padi located approximately 7 miles from downtown Pangkalpinang. The beach is also a perfect place to watch the sunrise along the white sand and clear blue sea water. When low tide, you can walk to the Punan Island and frolic in the quiet waters. Not too far from Pasir Padi, about 2.5 miles, you can also visit Tanjung Bunga Beach which is a flat beach decorated with a series of large rock formations.

Pasir Padi Beach


This beach is about 7 km from Pangkalpinang City, the capital of Bangka Belitung Island. Pasir Padi beach is one of the popular beach destination tourist in the Bangka Belitung. Do not be surprised when you set foot on this beach, because the sand beach is shaped like grains of rice. That is why, people Bangka calls this beach with the name Pasir Padi.

Tanjung Bunga Beach


The beach adjacent to the Tanjung Bunga Padi sand beach, the distance is only about 2.5 km. On the way to the ground Tanjung Bunga has a hilly area with a beautiful panoramic view towards the sea. And we can see passenger ships and goods, in and out of the harbor Pangkalbalam.

Tanjung Bunga dominated by reddish rocks. It makes different Pasir Padi beach with yellow sand, and Sampur Beach. At this location fit his site plan will be built TAC TOS (Tanjung Bunga circuit and the town square). Tanjung Bunga Beach location is also very suitable for adventure with nature along the coast and hilly

Feb 28

6 Tips Save for vacation!

cheap travelingVacation indeed be one way to relieve tired of the routine. Unfortunately, the cost of travel and accommodation is often an obstacle to start a vacation plan. Especially if you want to holiday abroad.

Vacationing saving Actually Bright Friends do not need to wait for an outing or lottery office to feel the holiday fun. It is not difficult to plan a trip alone. With careful planning you do not need to bother with your budget. Let Birght Friends, consider the following tips frugal traveling!

1. First thing first: Saving!

Bright holiday destination Wherever and whenever goings Friends, saving is first and foremost thing you should do. Try to make special savings for this one thing, set aside a month for example, 10% of revenue. After that, if you already know will go anywhere for vacation, you do not need to shell out more money to buy a ticket and other accommodation because it has its own budget. Discipline is the key to troubleshooting this first, do not forget to save!

2. Research, research and research

Research would be important before planning a vacation. Do not hesitate to ask your friends who have often traveling to various places. Bright Friends also can search for information via travel sites, such as the lonely planet or a travel blog. That way you can get an idea of ​​how much it costs to be prepared. Next, calculate the estimated cost of travel to a complete vacation destination. For example, the budget to go around Southeast Asia would be different from the budget to enjoy the beauty of cherry country. Focus yourself to look for cheap accommodation, places to stay economical and affordable tourist areas.

3. Book in advance

According to research conducted by the US Travel and Tourism Industry, 24% chose the book in advance aka ordered from long ago as a way in order to economize while traveling. Typically, ticket, hotel room and even tour packages cheaper if bought earlier than the close-close. Another advantage you will not run out of tickets or run out of places to stay.

4. Search promos

Currently, many airlines to travel agents who often provide holiday promo at low prices. Starting from the free seats, a family pack, up to the price of one price for 2 people. For those of you who want to find a cheap promo, diligent open flying sites, follow twitter traveler like postcards or just check a site devoted to providing cheap travel package information like Wego. This is often done by Daniel who often plan traveling through the promotion of the economically priced airline.

5. Convenient and inexpensive

Forget staying in hotels when they want to holiday-efficient manner. Choose a place to stay backpacker style, as in hostels, homes of local residents to sleep on buses and trains. Choose a place to stay cheap and comfortable as did Daniel when traveling to Manila who choose to stay home residents through couchsurfing site assistance. Besides friends for bags, you can also get info about your vacation spot directly over the local population. In addition to price, comfort is the main thing. So, before hiring, check out testimonials or reviews from others. No need to rent a luxury room anyway, when even your vacation will not be much in the room, is not it?

6. Last thing traveling on the list: shopping!

Difficult to deny the shopping has become one of the to-do list when going on vacation to a place. In addition to buying presents for relatives at home, have a distinctive local souvenir as a keepsake as the main reason. However, what often happens is shopping in the early days of vacation. The result, not until the last day, you have to downsize in order to survive more before returning home, shopping activities on the list should be your last. The goal is to save pocket money, and you will not be burdened with too much luggage when I had moved around a place to stay.

Feb 14

Sightseeing Tour Of Raja Ampat, Papua’s Most Exotic

raja ampat islands

raja ampat islands

raja ampat5

Tourist underwater ecosystem Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is a tourist place in Papua, which has worldwide. Raja Ampat fame as one of the most attractive travel destinations have been documented in the documentary film entitled “Edis Paradise 3? With its premiere in Switzerland. A documentary made by Avant Premiere raised the beauty of the underwater world of Raja Ampat in Papua called Amazon World Ocean. The nickname was carried because the position of the Raja Ampat is in the center of the world’s coral triangle. Raja Ampat are included in the territory of West Papua is a group of islands with 610 islands scattered, but only just 35 islands occupied by residents.

Keep in mind that 75% of fish species in the world are located in the waters of Raja Ampat. Ocean in Raja Ampat is a natural ecosystem that is still awake preservation of, until now. The high value of the strategic nature of the sea in Papua led to Raja Ampat in Papua travel are protected by the laws of Indonesia.

This is to prevent the destruction of marine ecosystems that act solely pursuing business advantage. Not without reason! Raja Ampat Tourism has become the focus of world travel at the present moment.

Underwater nature tours Raja Ampat

Underwater nature tours Raja Ampat

Tourism Raja Ampat in Papua offers a number of attractions that are in great demand by foreign tourists in particular, namely diving. Activities, diving (diving underwater) and snorkeling in Raja Ampat will show the beauty of the underwater world of Raja Ampat in Papua that is so enchanting, with various species of fish and coral reefs natural living. Diving in Raja Ampat will show you a variety of different species of fish that even you have never known before. Remember, 75% of fish species are in Raja Ampat. Have you seen manta rays? The width of the stingray’s body, even reaches 2 m.

At least there are 1500 species of fish, 537 species of coral, and 699 invertebrates that can be found in the underwater world of Raja Ampat. For diving, you will be accompanied by experts and use a complete diving equipment. If you ever do a diving at other beaches, then you will be so amazed at the beauty of the underwater Raja Ampat in Papua. Coral reefs are living becomes a source of food are thousands of species of fish and other marine species. Ecosystems are very natural and so dazzling that makes Raja Ampat Amazon, dubbed the World Ocean.

Some people mention the Raja Ampat in Papua tourist is a tourist paradise hidden owned by Indonesia. Raja Ampat Tourism may be crowned as the natural attractions of the most fascinating underwater owned by Indonesia. Which can match the natural beauty of the underwater may travel only on the Sabang Weh Island, Aceh. If sights Raja Ampat is in the eastern part of Indonesia, Sabang Weh island tour is in the most western part of Indonesia.

raja ampat6Interestingly, both sites with his diving activities are among the most attractive in the world just got a great attention of the tourists abroad. The interest of foreign nationals and the number of visits to the upward trend time after time to make both sites Indonesian sea has become so popular in international circles. Indeed, the journey of a domestic audience who lost in the sea to visit tourist attractions.

Admittedly, the cost factor is a major cause that makes the domestic tourist arrivals to the tourist attractions Raja Ampat in Papua is still relatively small. Infrastructure conditions in Papua is not adequate and the cost of transportation to / from Papua make a point of interest in Papua has not been visited by tourists Indonesia. Not to mention about the cost of accommodation and logistics that must be paid for enjoying the tour in Raja Ampat.

Unlike the foreign tourists who have a higher income level than the citizens of Indonesia, the better the financial condition allows them to enjoy diving attraction as one of the most popular Raja Ampat. It is thus also seen in a tourist area on the Sabang Weh Island of Aceh. The level of foreign tourist arrivals more than domestic tourists.
Any attractions Raja Ampat?

Diving and snorkeling is one of the tourist activities Raja Ampat most famous. However, you should know that the tourist attractions in Papua also have dense forests, limestone cluster of colorful, various species of rare plants, as well as sea turtle nests on the beach.

Most tourists will be surfing in Raja Ampat because these sights have ocean waves is quite challenging. Some islands in the Raja Ampat is the most frequently visited Wayag Island, Waiwo Island, Coral Island, Islands Gam, and Arborek Island. If you want to see birds of paradise which is unique wildlife Papua, you can visit Gam Islands. There are 4 types of birds of paradise that live in the Gam Islands, namely red bird of paradise, paradise large, small paradise, and paradise split rattan.

If you are challenged to rock climb, go to Coral Island. On this island you will climb to the reef slope reaches 90 degrees. If you make it to the top, you will be amazed by the beauty of the panoramic sea Raja Ampat. At the top of the reef, You can see the the whole green island surrounded by blue water.

Transportation route travels to Raja Ampat

To arrive at the Raja Ampat islands, the nearest place that can be reached aircraft is the town of Sorong, with a distance of about 6 hours flight from Jakarta. Normally the aircraft will transit in Makassar or Manado. Airlines that have scheduled flights to Sorong, among others, Silk Air, Garuda Indonesia, Pelita Air, and Merpati. Furthermore, you will be heading Waisai, capital of Raja Ampat. Waisai city is located on the island of Waigeo, one of the four main islands (the big island) in the Raja Ampat Islands. The large island in Raja Ampat is Misool Island, Salawati, Batanta island, and the Waigeo island.

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