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6 Tips Save for vacation!

cheap travelingVacation indeed be one way to relieve tired of the routine. Unfortunately, the cost of travel and accommodation is often an obstacle to start a vacation plan. Especially if you want to holiday abroad.

Vacationing saving Actually Bright Friends do not need to wait for an outing or lottery office to feel the holiday fun. It is not difficult to plan a trip alone. With careful planning you do not need to bother with your budget. Let Birght Friends, consider the following tips frugal traveling!

1. First thing first: Saving!

Bright holiday destination Wherever and whenever goings Friends, saving is first and foremost thing you should do. Try to make special savings for this one thing, set aside a month for example, 10% of revenue. After that, if you already know will go anywhere for vacation, you do not need to shell out more money to buy a ticket and other accommodation because it has its own budget. Discipline is the key to troubleshooting this first, do not forget to save!

2. Research, research and research

Research would be important before planning a vacation. Do not hesitate to ask your friends who have often traveling to various places. Bright Friends also can search for information via travel sites, such as the lonely planet or a travel blog. That way you can get an idea of ​​how much it costs to be prepared. Next, calculate the estimated cost of travel to a complete vacation destination. For example, the budget to go around Southeast Asia would be different from the budget to enjoy the beauty of cherry country. Focus yourself to look for cheap accommodation, places to stay economical and affordable tourist areas.

3. Book in advance

According to research conducted by the US Travel and Tourism Industry, 24% chose the book in advance aka ordered from long ago as a way in order to economize while traveling. Typically, ticket, hotel room and even tour packages cheaper if bought earlier than the close-close. Another advantage you will not run out of tickets or run out of places to stay.

4. Search promos

Currently, many airlines to travel agents who often provide holiday promo at low prices. Starting from the free seats, a family pack, up to the price of one price for 2 people. For those of you who want to find a cheap promo, diligent open flying sites, follow twitter traveler like postcards or just check a site devoted to providing cheap travel package information like Wego. This is often done by Daniel who often plan traveling through the promotion of the economically priced airline.

5. Convenient and inexpensive

Forget staying in hotels when they want to holiday-efficient manner. Choose a place to stay backpacker style, as in hostels, homes of local residents to sleep on buses and trains. Choose a place to stay cheap and comfortable as did Daniel when traveling to Manila who choose to stay home residents through couchsurfing site assistance. Besides friends for bags, you can also get info about your vacation spot directly over the local population. In addition to price, comfort is the main thing. So, before hiring, check out testimonials or reviews from others. No need to rent a luxury room anyway, when even your vacation will not be much in the room, is not it?

6. Last thing traveling on the list: shopping!

Difficult to deny the shopping has become one of the to-do list when going on vacation to a place. In addition to buying presents for relatives at home, have a distinctive local souvenir as a keepsake as the main reason. However, what often happens is shopping in the early days of vacation. The result, not until the last day, you have to downsize in order to survive more before returning home, shopping activities on the list should be your last. The goal is to save pocket money, and you will not be burdened with too much luggage when I had moved around a place to stay.

Feb 14

Sightseeing Tour Of Raja Ampat, Papua’s Most Exotic

raja ampat islands

raja ampat islands

raja ampat5

Tourist underwater ecosystem Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is a tourist place in Papua, which has worldwide. Raja Ampat fame as one of the most attractive travel destinations have been documented in the documentary film entitled “Edis Paradise 3? With its premiere in Switzerland. A documentary made by Avant Premiere raised the beauty of the underwater world of Raja Ampat in Papua called Amazon World Ocean. The nickname was carried because the position of the Raja Ampat is in the center of the world’s coral triangle. Raja Ampat are included in the territory of West Papua is a group of islands with 610 islands scattered, but only just 35 islands occupied by residents.

Keep in mind that 75% of fish species in the world are located in the waters of Raja Ampat. Ocean in Raja Ampat is a natural ecosystem that is still awake preservation of, until now. The high value of the strategic nature of the sea in Papua led to Raja Ampat in Papua travel are protected by the laws of Indonesia.

This is to prevent the destruction of marine ecosystems that act solely pursuing business advantage. Not without reason! Raja Ampat Tourism has become the focus of world travel at the present moment.

Underwater nature tours Raja Ampat

Underwater nature tours Raja Ampat

Tourism Raja Ampat in Papua offers a number of attractions that are in great demand by foreign tourists in particular, namely diving. Activities, diving (diving underwater) and snorkeling in Raja Ampat will show the beauty of the underwater world of Raja Ampat in Papua that is so enchanting, with various species of fish and coral reefs natural living. Diving in Raja Ampat will show you a variety of different species of fish that even you have never known before. Remember, 75% of fish species are in Raja Ampat. Have you seen manta rays? The width of the stingray’s body, even reaches 2 m.

At least there are 1500 species of fish, 537 species of coral, and 699 invertebrates that can be found in the underwater world of Raja Ampat. For diving, you will be accompanied by experts and use a complete diving equipment. If you ever do a diving at other beaches, then you will be so amazed at the beauty of the underwater Raja Ampat in Papua. Coral reefs are living becomes a source of food are thousands of species of fish and other marine species. Ecosystems are very natural and so dazzling that makes Raja Ampat Amazon, dubbed the World Ocean.

Some people mention the Raja Ampat in Papua tourist is a tourist paradise hidden owned by Indonesia. Raja Ampat Tourism may be crowned as the natural attractions of the most fascinating underwater owned by Indonesia. Which can match the natural beauty of the underwater may travel only on the Sabang Weh Island, Aceh. If sights Raja Ampat is in the eastern part of Indonesia, Sabang Weh island tour is in the most western part of Indonesia.

raja ampat6Interestingly, both sites with his diving activities are among the most attractive in the world just got a great attention of the tourists abroad. The interest of foreign nationals and the number of visits to the upward trend time after time to make both sites Indonesian sea has become so popular in international circles. Indeed, the journey of a domestic audience who lost in the sea to visit tourist attractions.

Admittedly, the cost factor is a major cause that makes the domestic tourist arrivals to the tourist attractions Raja Ampat in Papua is still relatively small. Infrastructure conditions in Papua is not adequate and the cost of transportation to / from Papua make a point of interest in Papua has not been visited by tourists Indonesia. Not to mention about the cost of accommodation and logistics that must be paid for enjoying the tour in Raja Ampat.

Unlike the foreign tourists who have a higher income level than the citizens of Indonesia, the better the financial condition allows them to enjoy diving attraction as one of the most popular Raja Ampat. It is thus also seen in a tourist area on the Sabang Weh Island of Aceh. The level of foreign tourist arrivals more than domestic tourists.
Any attractions Raja Ampat?

Diving and snorkeling is one of the tourist activities Raja Ampat most famous. However, you should know that the tourist attractions in Papua also have dense forests, limestone cluster of colorful, various species of rare plants, as well as sea turtle nests on the beach.

Most tourists will be surfing in Raja Ampat because these sights have ocean waves is quite challenging. Some islands in the Raja Ampat is the most frequently visited Wayag Island, Waiwo Island, Coral Island, Islands Gam, and Arborek Island. If you want to see birds of paradise which is unique wildlife Papua, you can visit Gam Islands. There are 4 types of birds of paradise that live in the Gam Islands, namely red bird of paradise, paradise large, small paradise, and paradise split rattan.

If you are challenged to rock climb, go to Coral Island. On this island you will climb to the reef slope reaches 90 degrees. If you make it to the top, you will be amazed by the beauty of the panoramic sea Raja Ampat. At the top of the reef, You can see the the whole green island surrounded by blue water.

Transportation route travels to Raja Ampat

To arrive at the Raja Ampat islands, the nearest place that can be reached aircraft is the town of Sorong, with a distance of about 6 hours flight from Jakarta. Normally the aircraft will transit in Makassar or Manado. Airlines that have scheduled flights to Sorong, among others, Silk Air, Garuda Indonesia, Pelita Air, and Merpati. Furthermore, you will be heading Waisai, capital of Raja Ampat. Waisai city is located on the island of Waigeo, one of the four main islands (the big island) in the Raja Ampat Islands. The large island in Raja Ampat is Misool Island, Salawati, Batanta island, and the Waigeo island.

Feb 18

The Benefits Of Traveling That You Can

Travel ArrangementsWhat are the benefits of traveling that you can get? Perhaps this thought had passed on your right when you know a lot of people who decide to pursue the hobby of traveling. Surely many positive side you can get from traveling. Here are 5 of them were reported by the All Women Stalk.

1. Freeing you from the comfort zone

When a person is too old to be in the comfort zone or a comfort zone, creativity will tend to decline. All things to do every day is just part of the routine that must be completed. By doing traveling, you mean forcing yourself to get out of your comfort zone earlier, to turn back round creativity in your brain. Traveling is also arguably the uncomfortable zone you, because you will be tested adaptability,

2. Build a better adaptability

Feel that the people closest to you now is the best people in the world? These feelings will only make you feel reluctant to get to know new people more closely. In fact, a lot of personal interest out there that you can meet and coloring experience of your life. Try traveling to other cities or abroad, if any purse, and experience to know new people that will surely give a new life lesson for you.

3. Learning to be a more practical personal

You may have a lot of favorite objects that you cannot leave home goods one day only. As a result, you have to hassle every day to arrange these items in your car or purse. However, when deciding to travel, you will inevitably have to be able to set priorities, any goods that are really you need. This way, you will learn to be a more practical person.

4. More recognize yourself

Solo traveler is a fancy term used to refer to someone who often stroll out of town or abroad alone. Try this experience so that you can better recognize themselves. This experience will be able to help you when it should specify a difficult life decision.

5. Learning to debunk

One of the challenges of traveling is to get rid of prejudice that exists in your mind. A traveler will not be able to enjoy the journey if is always being suspicious of new people he meets. You will be able to build positive thoughts towards others when walking around alone.

Feb 16

Maldives, heaven That Almost Drowned

MALDIVES is a country that never absent is called when the world is talking about global warming. The natural beauty of the island country in the South Asia region that threatened sea swallowed up “lost”.

That afternoon a ferry from the pier on the island of Hulhumale will overwhelm the Island towards a Male passenger. The ship was carrying most passengers who reside in Hulhumale and worked in the Male.

Upon arrival at the Hulmuhale, most passengers choose the drive with the public bus, past the paved road and the residential neighborhood of neat, to their residence. Some uses personal motorcycles since the morning parked at the dock.

Every day, the majority of the residents in this sea must cross Hulhumale for 20 minutes by ferry to Male to have activity. They are trading, shopping at traditional markets and shopping malls, or work in an Office.


Water sports activities is one of the selling power of the Maldivian tourism. To that end, every resort in the Maldives offers a variety of water sports equipment, either for rent or free.

Malé is the capital of the Maldives, which is also the name of the island. The island is crowded with Office buildings, markets, schools, malls, to the football stadium, until it became the center of various activities of the population.

As for the island of Hulhumale is concentrated as a place to live, of course with a variety of amenities complement, like hospitals, small supermarkets, schools, recreational parks and beaches, where fueling, and power plants.

In addition to its functions, Male and Hulhumale has another difference. The Male long island is formed naturally. While Hulhumale is an artificial island, the island was made a man.

2 square kilometer island was reclaimed from October 1997. Based on data from the Housing Development Corporation (HDC), the island is expected to be a dwelling place for 60,000 people.

Currently, Hulhumale was inhabited around 3,000 people. Some of them took refuge from a long island destroyed since the tsunami in 2004.

Snorkeling is one of the tourist attractions of Maldives. In the crystal clear waters of the Maldives, divers can see a variety of marine life.
Hulhumale is indeed created and focused as to shelter island. In addition to the hundreds of apartments with a variety of classes that have been standing in one of the parts of the island there is land on which the House will be built through the Program of development of a thousand homes.

This program can help the residents of the island are prone to sink to move to the artificial island. However, this applies only for the short term.

Although it consists of many islands, with a total of 1.900 ‘s fruit, Islands in the country is threatened “lost” due to global warming is making sea levels continue to rise. Moreover, the surface of the land in the Maldives is generally quite low, just as tall as coconut trees at the highest point.

Be aware of changes in natural conditions that threatened their habitat, the population of the Maldives has a high concern for the environment. “In ancient times, parents may not particularly pay attention to environmental conditions. But, right now, all understand the importance of safeguarding the environment, especially of the sea, “said Ivan, a tour guide.

In elementary school, for example, there are about preserving marine curriculum, including diving lessons. “Fishermen are also not allowed to use tool destructive fishing reefs. Fish must be lured one-on-one, “said Ivan, when showing flurry fish market in Male.

Water sports activities is one of the selling power of the Maldives Tourism, sports such as kayaking.
Environmental care activities is also often involves travelers who stay at the resort. Kurumba resort, for example, there are monthly activities include cleanup junk from the resort. This activity involves the hotel staff and guests.

Garbage-garbage and garbage daily from various places gathered on an island, known as Thilafushi, to then be processed according to its kind.

Not surprisingly, the Maldivian waters look so clean, start from the beach up to the sea. The beauty of biota can be enjoyed, in fact, from the surface of the sea.

Concern for the population of the Maldives will this, environmental sustainability is not only influential in their lives. As many as 600,000 tourists every year comes, could also feel the comfort.

Feb 14

4 Tips To Still Look Pretty When Traveling

women travelingTraveling can free your mind from all the stress and fatigue. More recently, the trend became passable trendy solo traveler in the community. Well, if you want to try to do it this year, consider the following 4 tips to keep looking though a day of strolling to and fro to enjoy the holiday.

1. Drink lots of water

The body continues to move active all day when traveling makes you have to meet the water needs for the body. This is done to keep the skin to stay hydrated and do not look dull because of the sun. Prepare a bottle of mineral water that is designed specifically for a refill, to avoid chemical constituents present in the water bottle in the packaging.

2. Wear sunscreen

Dangers of UV-A and UV-B stalking you all day while outdoor activities during traveling. Therefore, you do not forget this one beauty products, sunscreens. Select that has an SPF of 15 and above, in order to protect the skin of the face and body to the maximum. You will avoid striped skin or redness caused by the scorching sun.

3. Carefully choose foods

Exploring new places not only about buildings and tourist locations, but also about the culinary charms. Well, to avoid allergies that make skin bumps and redness, you should be careful in choosing a snack or main dish repellent hungry. Make sure you choose a shop or restaurant which kept clean, and avoid menus that are prone to cause allergies such as seafood, or paste.

4. Spray insect repellent

You never know how the environmental conditions in each place you visit later when traveling. For that, you need to set up anti-insect spray to prevent small animals wild bite your skin and make it itchy. You certainly do not want the traveling event so annoyed because you have to scratching mosquito bitten feet while exploring the historical sites are already quite old?

That’s 4 traveling tips that may be useful to you.

Jan 23

5 Ways “Traveling” Easier and Cheaper

travelingNews about rising ticket prices, travel cost, to the room rate, make travel plans are increasingly complex and increasingly costly. But with the advancement of information technology, access to cheap deals and recommendations may change all that.

With the advent of new innovations can make it easy for travelers to plan their trips. Starting from a cheap ticket, search for suitable accommodation budget, until a tourist destination can be visited alone, to save money during the traveling never seemed easier.

The next question, however, is the ease with which it can be cheaper to shut down a conventional tour operator business? Here are five ways to change the way easier and cheaper.

1. The growth of the concept of the Sharing Economy.

The concept of Sharing Economy or economic sharing is when people use personal assets or their time to earn extra money. This makes people can travel without depending on tourist hotels, taxi, tour package even the conventional ones, which tend to be more expensive. Call it like Airbnb sites for accommodation, food, and EatWitth to Vayable for package tours.

Although this site has been around since long, surprising is their growth so drastic. Airbnb for example, has a list of accommodation that is generally up to the private apartments, rooms of approximately 550,000 list in 2013 and in 2014 that number rose to one million. In 2014, it is seen how the great loss in how growth “Sharing Economy” is. Also the average of individual comfort level in the use of these sites. Of course, this trend will continue to increase with the passage of time.

2. The emergence of many new search applications.

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Jan 05

Tips “Diving” For Beginners

diving tipsSEE natural beauty under the sea, becoming an attraction for some people. See various kinds of biota in the bottom of the sea, such as coral reefs, fish-other fish, and gives a different sensation if we see sights such as the beach and the beauty of the mountain.

But Diving has difficulty levels and dangerous for novices. How to tips for diving or diving is good for beginners. The main thing to note that security.

“Make it a habit there is always a Divemaster (scuba divers expert) at the time of dive discovery (explore the sea) that do not have a license. Because prior to acquire it, we will receive a lot of information about safe diving. ”

If you want to dive does not have to be able to swim. But, according to him, it was back to the choice of each person.

“If my advice anyway, preferably can swim first. Accustomed in the water at least wrote. Because the reply is already comfortable in the water, certainly back again with regard to security, “he said.

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Jan 01

The Importance Of Making Travel Arrangements

Travel ArrangementsFor most people making the trip has become something common in his spare time. Travel is no longer a luxury thing into something that has a price of expensive thing to do. Even some people have made sightseeing trips or traveling as usual routines performed with due time.

In addition to the importance of having the reference travel destinations to be visited. Planning a good trip also becomes something deserving priority, when we were about to start a tour. By doing a good trip planning, then the purpose of travel activities we do will get its full potential.

In a simple way be construed as an activity of a person, who move from one place to another in which the top of the movement. While the trip may be interpreted as a trip activities undertaken by a person to a place with different origins, to enjoy the attractions and tourist attraction in a while.

Planning itself is the first step that is carried out by a person, as a preparation before starting an activity. Planning a trip can be done when the purpose of such activities can already prescribe, so someone could prepare whatever needs that may be needed in such activities.

A few things need to be done in planning your tour is as follows, Read the rest of this entry »