Jun 26

The beauty of the Karimunjawa island in Indonesia

karimunjawa1Publications including the beautiful islands in Indonesia contained in Jepara. Publications included in Jepara, Central Java, on the north coast of Java Island. These islands have also been designated as a National park. White sand and crystal clear water is a sight you’ll enjoy. Natural atmosphere, beautiful and quiet still deeply felt and will make you feel comfortable to linger here.

The Karimunjawa language is derived from Kremun which means obscure or vague. Was given the name because these islands faintly visible on the island of Java due to its location which is quite far from the island of Java. To achieve Publications takes about 4 to 6 hours from the mainland island of Java by using Fast Motor Boats of Semarang or Jepara. Taste, matched with his name, because indeed take a long time to arrive on the island.

The Karimunjawa islands become a haven from the diver. You can perform various activities in the clear water. Swimming, diving (diving), or snorkel will be fun.


The beauty of coral reefs and colorful fish in the sea will be an attraction to play around in the water. The sea water in Karimunjawa very clear and transparent, so you can clearly see the bottom of the sea. For those of you who like fishing, you can also do it in a few islands in Karimunjawa.


To get to Karimunjawa, you can use some of the following alternatives:


1. Quick Ship from Semarang

From Semarang, you can go to the Publications through the Port of Tanjung Emas using speedboats. The trip from Semarang to Karimunjawa around 4 hours to 6 hours if the weather is bad.

2. Ships from Jepara

If you choose to go to the Publications of Jepara, you can through the Port Kartini. You can choose to use a fast boat, or also using slow boats and cheap from Jepara. The trip from Jepara to Karimunjawa around 2.5 to 3 hours.

3. Aircraft

In addition, for those who have enough money, there is a small plane at the airport Ahmad Yani Airport can be rented headed god Daru Island Kemujan (One of the islands in Karimunjawa). By plane, you can see the beauty Publications from above before landing at the airfield in Karimun. Travel by plane take about 30 minutes.

Here’s a favorite island that is frequented by tourists and local travelers

1. Menjangan Besar

Menjangan Island is captive sharks. You can test the courage to go to their breeding pond and swim with the fishes this shark. No need to fear, because sharks here are quite docile and friendly with human.


2. Small Menjangan Island

Small Menjangan island worth a visit as the waters around the island. There are many small fish pretty colorful. The island has a beach and Beautiful sea floor with clear water. The island is perfect for those who want to try snorkeling.

3. Small Fir Island and Pine Island Besar

On both islands there are many pine trees that might be the basis of name these two islands. Another unique thing is the mainland beach with white sand which juts into the sea.

4. Pulau Tanjung Gelam

The Tanjung Gelam Island is a beautiful island with white sand and sea water bluish green.

Jun 24

How To Save For Traveling Backpacker in Bangkok Thailand

How To Save For Traveling Backpacker in Bangkok Thailand. For The Tourist Travelers Who Have Limited Budget in Bangkok Thailand.

In addition to careful preparation costs, there are 10 surefire tips to keep in mind while on vacation to Bangkok. These tips will make it easier, and make your traveling in Bangkok to be enjoyable.


Spend a vacation to the neighboring countries such as Thailand, is a very rare thing. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand does save a lot of the beauty of the sights that you must visit while on vacation. While on holiday in the city, you should prepare everything needed, plan the activities carried out and registering the tourist spots to be visited. The Bangkok city tour would not be complete without a ride Tuk Tuk.


Typical vehicle is indeed a very pleasant town, although the actual shape is similar to a three-wheeler. Tuk tuk has an open shape that makes tourists can enjoy views of Bangkok. This vehicle is still a favorite among tourists, though the charge is equal to the taxi. Tips for Bangkok, Thailand when I want to ride a Tuk Tuk should avoid the rise of around tourist spots because the tariff will be much more expensive.

Bangkok has a variety of cultural and culinary for you. There are grand temples, hundreds of years old, a giant sleeping Buddha statue, a building with charming architecture, to the variety of culinary offerings such as Tom Yum. However, there are some things you should consider when exploring the city.

Bangkok is the destination point for sightseeing as it provides a variety of shopping options. Bangkok is also very identical to the temples are scattered in various parts of the city that can be enjoyed by the tourists. Not only that, you will be treated to a variety of culinary delicacies in the corner of the Thai capital. However, before venturing to explore the city of Bangkok, there are many things that must be considered to be more convenient onward travel, cheap and fun. If you want to reduce costs, follow the tips to Bangkok Thailand. Here are 10 Tips to Save Budget Backpacker Bangkok

1. Come during the low season

The right time to come to Bangkok is currently low season, i.e. March until September. At that time Thailand was not a lot of tourists who come, so you can enjoy freely Bangkok.

2. Sailing at Chaopraya River

Using the ship as public transport rather than stuck in traffic on the streets is one of the best ways to enjoy Bangkok. Take a cruise along the Chao Praya River and enjoy the beautiful scenery mixture of old buildings and modern houses, temples, and others. Start the trip from central pier and continues to the north, you will see the famous places such as Wat Pho, Wat Arun, and the Grand Palace.

3. Book tickets ahead of time

It is also important to note. By ordering tickets ahead of time, you can get a cheaper ticket. Months from July to September is the high season time in Jakarta, so the price of the aircraft to be expensive. Yet when it was low season in Bangkok were filled with promos cheap hotels there.

4. Eating and drinking juice Healthy

You must really like drinking fresh juice and eat fresh fruit. In Thailand, we are blessed with a tropical climate that is very suitable for growing fruit. Markets in Bangkok are filled with seasonal fruits, so make sure you try it when you are here. Thailand has three seasons and each season has a different fruit.

5. The weather was the best start to the end of November

Bangkok has a climate similar to Indonesia. Well, the best time to visit Bangkok is starting in late November. At that time the weather was sunny and not raining. Thus, around Bangkok will be more exciting.

“October-November is the peak of the rain, towards the end of November the weather is good again,” said Indra explained.

6. Do not be afraid of running out of water and medicine

Bring drinking water is a must when traveling. Do not worry about running out of water and medicines in Bangkok. Why, there are many supermarkets in the streets of Bangkok, to replenish your supplies. Just like in Indonesia, medicines and bottled water available in many supermarkets, such as Seven Eleven provided every 10 meters.

7. Contact the Embassy if you find it difficult

“If in Bangkok, if there are things that are urgent, can contact the embassy, ​​and therefore before walking around make sure you look for info about embassy of your country, be it a telephone number or address of the embassy of your country. Here you can get information Bangkok in full or ask for help in case of trouble, such as a passport lost and others.

8. Following the lighting of a candle procession

There are several Buddhist ceremonies and festivals that you can follow. One of the amazing experiences was following the lighting of a candle procession during the full moon. You also may have heard the full moon party in Thailand – they are celebrated on the same day, but in very different ways! To find out what might festival taking place when you are in town, check the calendar of events.

9. Wear a hat and sunscreen

Bangkok which tends hot weather will make your skin burn. Wear a hat to avoid direct sunlight exposure to the eyes, and wear sunscreen so that the skin is not flammable. This is to make travel more comfortable.

10. Shopping

Chatuchak Market, which is also known as the weekend market. This is a very large market with various shops in it, ranging from restaurants, tattoo shops, pet shop, and much more. Many tourists who come here, but many locals also come here every day for shopping, so this is also the best way to experience the life of local residents.

Additionally, you should make travel plans that matured during a visit to Bangkok. You can pay a visit to Wat Arun, Wat Pho, Khao San Road, Grand Palace, Siam Ocean World, or Lumphini Park. However, you must choose a few sites are adjacent to each other in order to save costs and time. For example, during a visit to the Grand Palace, then you should also visit the Wat Pho and Wat Arun. Selecting hotels in the crowded center will also reduce costs because you’re more likely to visit various tourist attractions in the foot e.g. Central World, Madam Tussauds waxworks museum, The Platinm, Siam Square or MBK. Should also use public transport. In addition to comfortable and cheap, it is also useful to avoid congestion that often occurs in the city of Bangkok.

Jun 06

Finding the Right Hotel in Las Vegas

Many people need a Las Vegas hotel FAQ’S to help them understand what all the city has to offer. If you are planning a trip to this bustling area, be sure to look at a few different hotels before making your mind up. You can discover the best room for your sense of style, your budget, and more.

las vegas hotel


Las Vegas offers hotels with themes. You can find a hotel that has a pyramid theme or a pirate theme. There are many fun and different hotel themes out there for guests to choose from. Staying in a Las Vegas hotel can be an exciting experience for all ages.

Hotel Amenities

When you decide to stay in a hotel in Las Vegas, you can discover all of the lavish amenities that are available. If you enjoy gambling, you will love having casinos available everywhere you turn. You can find resorts with car dealerships located inside of them or resorts that offer concerts by famous names in the entertainment industry. If you enjoy fine foods, you can find a resort that offers just about any type of food that you can imagine. If you enjoy swimming, you can stay in a resort that offers a large pool with a waterfall or pools several acres long. Las Vegas offers a whole new experience when it comes to hotel amenities, so you should be sure to stay in a hotel that will provide you with everything you could want.

Keep Your Valuables Safe

When you are staying in Las Vegas, you should be sure to stay in a hotel that offers quality safety measures. Many hotels have in-rooms safes or safety deposit boxes in the lobby. You do not want to carry all of your cash or credit cards on you at one time while you are visiting this area, so be sure to store some of your money in a safe place. This will help you to limit your daily spending and allow you to have some extra money incase you lose your wallet.

Las Vegas is always a popular tourist spot, and you can find a hotel that will offer you the best amenities at the best price. You can compare different hotels side by side and read reviews on them to see which one is going to be the right choice for you.

May 24

Cenote Angelita, Underwater River in Mexico

Cenote AngelitaBefore getting into Cenote Angelita, we must understand the meaning of “Cenote”. The word “Cenote” is derived from the Maya Word D’zonot “” which means “a hole/cave has underground water”. While “Angelita” means “little angel”. So Cenote Angelita means “Cave of the little angel”.

The term Cenote was used to refer to an existing hole/cave in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. In addition to the Cenote Angelita, in the Yucatan Peninsula, there is a another Cenote, such as Cenote Aktun Ha, Cenote Calavera, Chac Mool Cenote and others. The formation of these caves connected with the sea and was formed around 6.500 years ago.

Cenote has a very old history. The Mayans used to use it to travel to other cities. But in the 20th century, when it dives and cave exploration became popular, Cenote is again drawing attention.

Cenote Angelita1

Cenote Angelita we are talking about is located about 17 kilometers from Tulum. It has a diameter hole about 30 meters with a depth of about 60 feet. This Cenote is in the region of lush forest has a diversity of flora fauna quite rich. Even the Jaguars also live in this forest.

Because it’s actually less precise when called Cenote Angelita as rivers in the sea floor. The Cenote Angelita cave is actually a juicy in the middle of the forest, not in the sea, though the water is indeed connected with the sea.

If we dive into the Cenote Angelita, we will find fresh water at a depth of 30 meters first, followed by the salt water at a depth of 60 meters. At a depth that we could see the river and the trees in the ground.

Well, now I am going to discuss the three characteristics of this Cenote that many confuse the people, namely:

  1. Why is salt water and fresh water could not mix?
  2. How can there be a river under the sea?
  3. How trees can live in the water?

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May 22

Exploring The Beauty Of The Rome City

Rome is the capital of Italy, capital of the province of Rome and the Lazio region’s capital. It is located on the lower reaches of the River Tiber, near the Mediterranean Sea, at 41 ° 54 ° N 12 ° 29′n BT. Vatican City, an enclave (enclave) within the sovereign territory of Rome, is the center of the Roman Catholic Church with the Pope as a leader. As the largest city in Italy, Rome had a population of 2.823.807 inhabitants (2004), with almost 4 million in the metropolitan area.
The history of this town is very long, almost 2,800 years old. For that, the city was once the center of the Roman Kingdom, Roman Republic and Roman Empire, and later the Papal States, the Kingdom of Italy, and is now the Republic of Italy.

1. Colosseum

The Colosseum is a heritage of the gladiator arena, built by Vespasian. Place a large elliptical performance called the amphitheatre or with its original name was Flavian Amphitheatre, which included one of the Sixty-nine mid-wonders of the world.


The site is located in a small town in Italy, Rome, founded by Vespasian’s Mayor at the time of Domitian and completed by his son Titus, and became one of the greatest works of Roman architecture ever built. Colosseum designed to hold 50,000 spectators.


In the Kolosseum at that time was the venue for a spectacular performance, a fight between animals (Venetaiones), a fight between prisoners and animals, executions of prisoners (Noxii), water battles (Naumachiae) with how flooded the arena, and a fight between gladiators (Munera). For hundreds of years, it is estimated that thousands of people as well as animals die on the performances of the Colosseum.


2. Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain (Fontana Di Trevi) is a fountain in the Trevi Rione in Rome, Italy. A traditional legend States that if visitors throw coins into fountains, meaning that they have confirmed his fate that one when later she will definitely return to Rome. Another legend says that three coins are tossed in by three different, have three possibilities. The first coins that will fall in love, the second coin will be the third coin will get married and divorced. So if intending to flip a coin into the fountain, they should consider a possibility that last.

Trevi Fountainnight

How to throw a coin there are art. He said good luck to get the coin should be tossed with the right hand through the left shoulder. Very easy is not it?
Each day, approximately 3,000 coins thrown into the pool of the Trevi Fountain. The coins are the property of the Government and use it to subsidize a supermarket for people in need in Rome.

But often there is a surreptitious person stealing the coins. Maybe these people are those who are dying in love.

3. The Pantheon

The Pantheon

The Pantheon is a building constructed in the year 27 BC as a round Temple in the center of Rome. The construction of the temple was completed during the reign of the emperor Hadrian (118 BC – 28 M) in the year 126 m. Hadrian built a temple for the worship of the Roman gods. The name Pantheon of Greece, which means House of all the gods. The temple was used as a church in 609 until 1885 and later became a church and burial place for the national hero of Italy.


4. Piazza Navona


Piazza Navona is a city square in Rome, Italy. It was built at the site of Domitian Stadium, built in the 1st century, and following the form of the open space of the stadium. The ancient Romans came there to watch Agone (“game”), and are therefore known as ‘ Circus Agonalis ‘ (competition arena). It is believed that from time to time these sights changed its name from ‘ Agone ‘ to ‘ Navone ‘ and eventually to ‘ Navona ‘.

5. The Vatican


Vatican/vætɪkən, sɪti/, with an official name is called the State of the Vatican City (in Italy: Stato della Città del Vaticano, Italy pronunciation: [an sta (is) to del tʃi of t is a is a del vati, ka (is) no]), is the smallest independent State in the world, in terms of area and population. Vatican City is an enclave located within the city of Rome in Italy. The Vatican is the residence of the Pope and the Holy See, the central authority of the Catholic Church.
The main symbol of the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Basilica, a huge Church, which was built in the style of the rennaisance. In front of the church there is a Saint Peter’s square (St. Peter’s Square). This field is commonly used for direct mass led by the Pope.


6. Via Veneto


Via Veneto is one of the most famous (and expensive) in Rome, Italy. The official name is Vittorio Veneto, after going through the battle of Vittorio Veneto. Federico Fellini’s classic film (1960), La Dolce Vita was mostly centered around the Via Veneto area. This made the road notable in the 1960s-1970s and turning them into cafes and upscale shops. After a period of stagnation in the 1980s path has found new life. Now some of the best Rome hotel located there.

May 01

Beautiful City and Famous In Japan

Japan is a country with a rich in culture and natural beauty, not just the citizens of Japan, also called “Nihonjin” average have high creativity, so many products and works of cherry country very well known by the world.

One example is a work of art in the form of animation / anime is very well known and loved by young people today are also electronic products, and in the fashion world known as Harajuku style, as well as video games

The natural beauty and culture of Japan is already no doubt to be a tourist, besides having a beautiful view of the cities in Japan also has a story and characteristics of each. Let’s look cities in Japan’s famous and beautiful:

1. Kyoto


Kyoto actually had formerly served as the capital of the State of Japan and the emperor’s residence from 794 until 1868. But now Kyoto is one city in Japan’s seventh-largest country with a population of approximately 1.4 million inhabitants.

kiyomizu temple

For centuries, Kyoto was destroyed many times by many wars and frequent fires, but because of high historical value, Kyoto City not listed on the list of target cities atomic bomb and spared from air raids during World War II. Kyoto has countless Temple, Temple in Kyoto and other historically valuable structures that have survived in this city. Kyoto city also includes the most beautiful cities in the world and has approximately 137 hotels.

2. Tokyo


Tokyo is the capital of Japan is now, a large town located in the middle of Japan and close to Mount Fuji has been already very metropolis and also the most densely populated. This can be seen from one of the 47 Japanese prefectures, which consists of 23 wards downtown and several cities, towns and villages to the west of downtown. Izu and Ogasawara Islands also are part of Tokyo.

Earlier in 1868, Tokyo is better known as Edo. A small castle town in the 16th century, Edo became a political center in Japan in 1603 when Tokugawa Ieyasu established the feudal rule there. Some time later, Edo had grown into one of the world’s most populous. With the Meiji Restoration in 1868, the emperor and the capital moved from Kyoto to Edo, later renamed Tokyo (“Eastern Capital”). Most of Tokyo was destroyed in the Great Kanto earthquake of 1923 and in the air raids of 1945.

Tokyo offers a seemingly limitless choice of shopping, cultural entertainment, and dining to visitors. History of the city can be appreciated in the district such as Asakusa, and in the excellent museums, historic temples and gardens. Contrary to common perception, Tokyo also offers a number of attractive green spaces in the city center and the train journey is relatively short on its outskirts.

Many bars and clubs lined, Tokyo has skyscrapers and a modern city metropolis, neon, electronics stores, and shopping centers, big. At the same time, several shrines, temples, sushi, soba, public baths, as well as lodging, Tokyo is also a city of history and tradition back to life. There are many art galleries and museums, unusual in a museum parasite. And of course the Tsukiji Fish Market, and a boat trip on the Sumida River, and karaoke is also popular in Tokyo.

3. Osaka


Osaka currently has a population of approximately 9 million inhabitants and Osaka is the third largest city in Japan, the most important thing that Osaka has become the economic powerhouse of the Kansai region for centuries.

Osaka previously also known as Naniwa. The time before the Nara Period, when the capital employed was transferred to the respective governments at the turn of the new emperor, Naniwa was once the capital of Japan, the first and the ever known.

In the 16th century, Toyotomi Hideyoshi chose Osaka as the location for his palace, and the town may be the capital of Japan Tokugawa Ieyasu if not stopped lineage after Hideyoshi Toyotomi’s death and moved his government to distant Edo (Tokyo).

osaka land

Osaka with economic power outside Hong Kong and Thailand, is a city full of energy. The city is full of fashionable belief, it is also a shopping center, and also has excellent restaurants and nightlife. And there are temples of Kyoto and Nara World Heritage Site, is a holy land in Koyasan, just 90 minutes, it is an ideal base for exploring the Kansai area, Osaka by train. Attractions in Osaka are the most popular, there are Floating Garden Observatory Osaka Aquarium and futuristic, and Universal Studios Japan.

4. Sapporo, Hokkaido


Hokkaido is the second largest city in northern Japan and least developed of the four main islands in Japan. Hokkaido is very extreme weather in the winter with lots of snow, sub-zero temperatures and frozen sea, while in the summer does not get as hot and humid as in other parts of the country.

Hokkaido has an advantage in its pristine natural beauty, lovers or mountaineers snowboarders will just love this area, activity and time when a visit to this place is a camping and driving the bike in June to September.


And is famous in Hokkaido Sapporo city, there are many people who think it is beer. Sapporo is the largest city in Hokkaido, open atmosphere has been left with the still cheery at the 1972 Winter Olympics. The mercenaries and the famous Sapporo Snow, The ramen festival, anywhere in the world, visited by tourists from abroad. Please try all means, enjoy fresh seafood, soil richness.


5. Yokohama


If Hokkaido is the second largest city in northern Japan, Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan with a population of over three million inhabitants. Yokohama is located less than a half hour south of Tokyo by train, and is the capital of Kanagawa Prefecture.

Towards the end of the Edo Period (1603-1867), in which Japan maintains a policy of self-isolation, the port of Yokohama is one of the first to be opened to foreign trade in 1859. As a result, Yokohama quickly grew from a small fishing village into one of the towns Japanese major.

Until now, Yokohama remains popular among expatriates, has one of the largest Chinatowns in the world and maintains several residences of former West at Yamate district.

6. Nagasaki


Indeed, in the past the city of Nagasaki was dark due to the incidence of the atomic bomb, however currently Nagasaki has grown and become an attractive port city and located on the island of Kyushu and the capital of Nagasaki Prefecture.

As one of Japan’s closest port to mainland Asia, Nagasaki has played an important role in foreign trade relations for centuries and the most important of the very few ports open to a limited number of foreign traders during the period of Japanese isolation. In recent history, Nagasaki became the second city after Hiroshima was destroyed by an atomic bomb to end World War II.

Meganebashi is Japan’s oldest stone bridge. If you see the bridge reflected in the water, why it is called Meganebashi is quite clear. The Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum, you can learn about the suffering of the atomic bombing of August 9, 1945.

7. Ishigaki


Ishigaki Island is the main island in the Yaeyama Islands and transportation hub in the region. Ishigaki City, is the southernmost city of Japan, only urban center Yaeyama and is the main airport in the region and the boat terminal, as well as many hotels, shops, restaurants and bars.

Blue sea and white sand found around Ishigaki soothing. But if you just enjoy the sand beach was less satisfactory. We suggest you observe coral reefs and fish with a glass bottom boat ride.

8. Kagoshima


Kagoshima is the main city of southern Kyushu and the capital of Kagoshima Prefecture. The city is often compared to Italian sister city Naples due to the same mild climate, palm tree lined streets, angry residents of relatively hot and Sakurajima, Kagoshima Vesuvius.

Active volcano Sakurajima to boast white rose, which is easily accessible by ferry boat, if you want to see the panorama of the island, let me go to some places in the city observatory. Shiroyama observatory recommended, among others. Tourism tired all day, and I will heal tired park free Sakurajima Nagisa basin.

9. Hakodate, Hokkaido


Hakodate is the third largest city in Hokkaido region, and is located at the southern tip of the island. Hakodate is famous for its beautiful scenery to be enjoyed from Mount Hakodate and had a delicious seafood and fresh.

As one of the first Japanese port city and opened to international trade after the country era of isolation, Hakodate has experienced a well-known influence from abroad, and the former district housing foreign residents as well as Western-style fortress among the main attractions and tours.

Onuma Park, a quasi national park with beautiful, island dotted lakes, is located just a half hour north of Hakodate and makes a good side trip or a stop along the journey between Hakodate and Sapporo.

Without having to go to Hakodate in the cherry blossom season in May, if you see the sunset from Mt it will make sure you also captivated Hakodate. Hakodate is surrounded by the sea, famous for fresh seafood. Waking up early in the morning, try a bowl of breakfast seafood on the market close to Hakodate Station.

10. Kobe Hyogo Prefecture


Kobe – Kobe is the capital of Hyogo Prefecture and one of the ten largest cities in Japan. Located between sea and mountains Rokko, Kobe is also considered one of the most attractive in Japan.

Kobe has become an important port city for centuries. Port is among the first to be opened to foreign trade in the 19th century next to the port of Yokohama, Nagasaki, Hakodate and Niigata.


In 1995, Kobe was hit by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, which killed more than 5,000 people and destroying tens of thousands of buildings. Today the city is rebuilt, and signs of some terrible event remain.

Such as views of the harbor from the Rokko Mountains and overlooking the old Kitano completion of the exotic, there are a few that attract tourists to Kobe. In addition, historical sights, such as culture and Arima Onsen, which is a famous culture, as far as Japan’s oldest hot sake. Is a leading beauty at night.

Apr 29

Beautiful Garden In Japan

The park is a place that likes visited with people who want to find serenity, the park is made with a very beautiful and clean, as well as gardens in Japan. Here are of the most beautiful parks in Japan:

1. Rikugien Garden (Tokyo)

Rikugien Garden is located in the Japanese capital is the most beautiful garden in the city of Tokyo, squeezed by various skyscrapers in Tokyo do not make this park is not necessarily visible, this park actually looks very “stands out” among the skyscraper building  in Tokyo.


2. Sankeien Garden (Yokohama)

Sankeien Garden is located in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture west of Tokyo’s city offers a beautiful park designed by the combined Villa, Temple and various buildings that are loaded with typical Japanese culture.

Sankeien Garden Sankeien Garden1

3. Kenrokuen Garden (Kanazawa)

Kenrokuen Garden is located in Kanazawa is deliberately built to be one of the 3 most good garden in Japan in terms of landscape and design, Kenrokuen Garden is also one of the most extensive park in Japan.

Kenrokuen Garden

4. Korakuen Garden (Okayama)

Korakuen Garden which has the full name Koraku Koishiyama, Korakuen Garden is also the same as “brother” Kenrokuen, built to be one of the most beautiful parks in Japan, located in Tokyo are also in the district of Okayama.

If we can get through stepping stones without falling until the end where we waited opposite pairs, then life with the spouse will be lasting hold.

Korakuen Garden Korakuen Garden1 Korakuen Garden2 Korakuen Garden3

5. Ryoanji Temple, Katsura Imperial Villa, Saihoji (Kyoto)

3 The park is located in Kyoto, which belong to the Kansai region. As the capital of Japan in ancient times, then Kyoto is famous for art culture is very strong. Therefore, the garden – garden in Kyoto is also not escape the touch of ancient Japanese culture is still very strong until now.

Saihoji (Kyoto) Katsura Imperial Villa


Apr 28

Amazing Places On Earth

There are thousands of amazing places on earth. However, do you know where the settlements in the earth’s most amazing. Metro.co.uk news website register there are 10 locations that will keep our eyes wide open. Here is a photo 5 of 10 locations on earth that will make you wonder.

1. Philippine Sea, Aogashima



This photo is a photo of volcanic islands located in the middle of the Philippine Sea. Before becoming the island, once this is a volcano that erupted in the 1780s. The explosion destroyed almost as human populations living there.

50 years later, those who escape back to the island and now there are about 200 villages that inhabit the island.

2. Tristan Da Cunha

Tristan da Cunha

A remote island in the South Atlantic, to achieve it can only be reached by a boat during a six-day journey from South Africa.

The island is located in the 1,243 miles from Saint Helena, 1,491 from South Africa, and 2,088 from South America (sea). This island has a length of 7 miles and has a peak settlement in Queen Mary with a height of 6765 feet. There are 300 people who all was a farmer.

3. Monemvasia, Greece


A small settlement on the island is hidden behind a large rock wall that face Laconia, Greece. The island is separated from the mainland in 375 BC by an earthquake, and a small road made for easy access to the mainland.

4. Uru Island, Titicaca Puno Lake, Peru and BoliviaUru Island, Titicaca Puno Lake

42 pre-Inca settlement Uru floating in Lake Titicaca Puono made of totora reeds. Reeds should continue to be added to the islands, especially if the bottom starts to rot.

5. The Supai village


The village is occupied by 600 people who are part of the Havasupai tribe, which is the smallest nation in the American Indian. Visitors can only reach it by foot, by donkey, or by helicopter. There is also a cafe in Supai, several shops, huts, post office, school, and a small church.

Apr 23

Tumpak Sewu waterfall Is a New Tourist Destination

tumpaksewu waterfallTumpakSewu waterfall is a new tourist destination located in the Sidomulyo village, district of Pronojiwo Hill, East of Malang. Because it was new so still a little info-info about this waterfall tour and not much is heard among tourists.

Coban Sewu now began to be discussed and became a local tourist destination. Originally granted by residents about hidden due to fear or worry is not maintained by the Government such as Goa drops.
People are just starting to believe after the Government began to pay attention to natural attractions such as the B-29. Citizens expect the Government in the presence of a new tourist attraction soon do developing.

To get to Coban Sewu we need to go in the monument Lumajang later after the border between Lumajang and Malang about 100 meters before the monument a walkway down to the left of the road if we Lumajang direction. Then we go straight to the river, then the motor is placed in the sand miners hut. The journey continues with a walk along the river about 200 meters, then after that we will find this waterfall.

This place is called Coban Sewu because in terms of the language of the coban means waterfall and sewu means one thousand. Why a thousand because of this waterfall is the flow of water from above is very much along the cliffs. The waterfall is very high to the extent that feels sinister took the photo from the top of the cliff.

Routes that have been mentioned above is to see the falls from above. But if we want to see the falls from the bottom, then we can descend through the Goa Drops which then continued with a walk down the river against the current.
Coban Sewu waterfall tour is different from the others, because it belongs to the extreme which is identical to the adventure. We must down the River, ride down a slippery Cliff full of boulders. Should be especially careful to get through, therefore this tour also arguably extreme tours.

But calm, sacrifice and the journey we will not be in vain, because if it is till we will be treated to a view that is so exotic. The clarity of its water and the place is still up carrion. This waterfall is very suitable for those with photography hobby and adventure.

So don’t forget to stop by the if on Lumajang site, guaranteed not going to lose.

Here’s some tips and suggestions that can be used as a lunchbox before heading Coban Sewu. May be able to help. Of note are as follows:

1. Bring Sandals or shoes pool

It is strongly recommended to wear shoes or sandals with a standard or out from a pool because it would be very useful for going down the steep cliffs and rocky terrain is a very slick mossy rocks.

2. It is advisable to wear the service guide

Don’t ever try to find its own way. Difficult to predict the course and in fact does not exist. Only local people commonly searching through the grass and makes it can be bypassed by tourists.

3. Save and secure electronic device

Electronic tools with plastic wrap and put it in the bag. This is due to us down the river and the wind carrying the rumble interfere grain water splashed against us. So wet so as not to get wet.

4. Bring the rope would be helpful

If it is worth to bring groups of rope because it is more secure.

5. Food and drink

Bring snacks and mineral water, because certainly no salesmen there, because this is still wild.

Prepare your needs in detail.

6. For reference only:
-From Tempeh-Goa ( cave ) Tetes (60 minutes)
-River-down via Goa Tetes (30 minutes)
-River-Coban Sewu (20 minutes)
-Ride the rivers of Goa Tetes (45 minutes)

7. Pay attention to the weather

Make sure you pay attention to the weather before you get there, because it does not allow longer if the weather is overcast and there when it rains? Continue to note the timing of the time, don’t get too down in the afternoon, because it would be dangerous if the day is dark.

Apr 21

The Beauty Of Garut In Indonesia

Garut is one of the areas in Indonesia, located in West Java. In Garut is a lot of wonderful attractions, exotic, enchanting and of course a pity if you do not visit to Garut in order to spend time with loved ones. Some of these attractions are many tourists visit from various regions and even from abroad. Here are some romantic tourist attractions in Garut:

Kampung Sampireun / Sampireun village

sampireun_in_the_West Java_garut

Sampireun Village is located in a mountainous area, you can enjoy a romantic getaway with your spouse, with the atmosphere of the place in a very unique and traditional design creates a stunning beauty, here you can stay in the inn that was built on an artificial lake with the boat transport use, and many other objects contained in this tourist spot.

Sampireun Village is located in Jl Raya Samarang, Kamojang, Samarang, Garut, West Java. A weekend here, you can stay in a bungalow on the edge of the lake.

According to the theme that carried Sunda Sampireun Village, bungalows here are made much like home Sundanese bamboo stilts ‘really’. Fun again, because it is above the lake, almost every bungalow is equipped with a boat. This is where it begins a romantic atmosphere.

Wrapped with the atmosphere of the night and the dim moonlight, hug the idol of the heart on the wooden boat sailing on the lake. Dim candlelight adds your romantic weekend.

Santolo Beach


Romantic tourist attractions, this one have a hidden paradise, this beach is different from other beaches, white sand here, there are very beautiful and very extensive coral reefs, in addition to the hidden paradise contained in this beach is Cilaut Muaraereun, by boat you can see very beautiful scenery and tranquility culaut muaraereun very amazing.



Bagendit is located Bagendit village, Bayuresmi Garut, West Java. In addition to offering the beauty in it with calm and cool water turns Bagendit also has an interesting history, forming Bagendit name. Here it is suitable for sites with family and other loved ones. The atmosphere is natural and beautiful. Soul and mind becomes calm.

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