Aug 29

This is the 5 Place Shopping In Hong Kong

This is the 5 Place Shopping In Hong Kong. If you are planning for a vacation in Hong Kong, there’s nothing wrong if you spend time there by visiting the exciting shopping venues. Variety fashion stores, as well as selling souvenirs, may be found in the following five shopping tour, as quoted by the Guardian. Vacation is guaranteed to be more fun!

1. Lee Kung Man Knitting Factory

Lee Kung Man Knitting Factory

Here you can find some stylish casual clothing, such as sweatshirts, cardigans, shorts, up to underwear for men and women. Stores that had stood since 1928 it is also the oldest convection stores in China. This boutique is very famous in China. No wonder when the stores are always crowded by fans of fashion.

2. Linva Tailor

Linva Tailor

Not complete it if it comes to Hong Kong, do not buy clothes Cheongsam. Now in shopping this one, you can buy a classic Cheongsam dress with a wide range of options. Linva Tailor is also a shop cheongsam manufacturer in China. The average clothing made of silk material.

3. Western Market

Western Market

It is a mall that you must visit. There are a variety of cafes, souvenir shops, and various restaurants typical Hong Kong. If you want to Western Market, you should take the time that much there. Therefore, the place is fairly wide, so you can be more satisfied when shopping.

4. Siu Woo Trading Co

Siu Woo Trading

When visiting a foreign country, will not complete it if you do not buy presents for family, friends, lovers, and colleagues though. In Siu Woo Trading Co., you can buy a variety of souvenirs funny and unique. Start of souvenirs with the basic materials of bamboo, rattan up, can you find there. Not only that, stores that had stood since 1958 and even then has been selling a wide variety of kitchen utensils, and pottery.

5. Woo Ping Optical


Well, for those of you who liked to collect eyeglasses, must visit this shop. These outlets provide various types of glasses can make your classic vintage style of the 60s and 70s. Glasses with plastic material, has a larger frame, of course, you can buy here.

Aug 28

The Best Destination In Singapore

Singapore1Singapore could become one of the favorite holiday destinations after your visit Indonesia. In addition to the position of a country that is very close to Indonesia, is now planning a trip to Singapore as easy as snapping your fingers.

Cheap flights are available every day until online sites to book accommodation already scattered everywhere. As a developed country, Singapore almost every year always brings new attractions that attract tourists to come there so there may be no words to continue to travel to get bored there.

When talking about travel, shopping certainly be one of the topics discussed. But if shopping is not your main goal, then on this list I will describe interesting places that you should visit.

When talking about the tourist Indonesia, Singapore, shopping certainly be one of the topics discussed. But if shopping is not your main goal, then on this list I will describe interesting places that you should visit.

1. Newton Circus

Newton Circus

This place is known by a lot of choice of snacks. If you want to try out the atmosphere of Singapore’s night life or just bored in a hotel room, then this place is for you to try. To find foods such as barbecue shrimp, squid curry cook, until the middle eastern dishes like roti prata. For the price is relatively expensive, but this place can introduce you to the stall snack Asia. Located on Bukit Timah Road.

2. East Coast Park

East Coast Park

If you want to play the water at the beach, then came to the East Coast Park. A Beach that stretches as far as 15 kilometers is a place that is always crowded when the end of the week, because this beach is a favorite destination for local residents of Singapore. East Coast Park is also available road specially provided for cyclists, runners and roller skates users. Located on the East Coast Parkway. Visitors can interact directly with the protected animals at the Singapore Zoo, Singapore. Place live animals was made on a piece of forest as their natural habitat.

3. The Singapore Zoo and Night Safari

The Singapore Zoo and Night Safari

The zoo was built in this area does not use hedge trees in some parts. Feel the sensation of the interaction directly with wild animals such as deer and tapirs from inside a tram at night, or if you want to try more challenging, try visiting the bat cage at night to be able to see the giant fruit bats. Located on Mandai Lake Road.

4. Chinatown

One of Singapore’s most historic districts, a Chinatown which was once the residential area for the merchant from China now has many restaurants and bars. Come at night to see the game Mahjong in several clubs contained therein. Chinatown is located at Upper Pickering Street and stretching to the South to Cantonment Road.

5. Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island

The combination of luxury resorts, golf courses, and soon became the center of Singapore’s casino on historic land formerly used by the British as the area survived the Japanese attack. Do not forget to visit Fort Siloso to see the remnants of war and also the tunnel – a tunnel of defense, or invite your family to play at Universal Studios Singapore.

6. Little India

Serangoon Road divides the Little India area and along the road there are many curry restaurants, shops, typical of India, to the place of worship of Hindus. On Sunday night, a Singaporean of Indian descent and foreign tourists thronged the area that makes it almost impassable.

7. Nature Reserve Bukit Timah and MacRitchie Reservoir

Kayaking and canoeing, adventure in an unspoiled forest, meet with the monkeys, to walk over the suspension bridge you can do in this area. Perhaps Bukit Timah Nature Reserve could be the destination for those who are want to get back to nature and urban for a moment forget the fatigue. Located on Hindhede Drive, Bukit Timah.
Shutterstock Masjid Sultan, Singapore Mosque, in Arab Street

8. Arab Street

Such as Chinatown and Little India, but this region is an area of ​​Singapore citizens of Arab descent. A Malay touch of old is still very strong in this area. One of the historical sights is the Sultan Mosque is located in the middle area of ​​this region. In the month of Ramadan, many Muslims are citizens enliven the region to break the fast.

Aug 27

Close since 2012, Luxury The Rits Paris will Reopens

Luxury The Rits ParisClosed in 2012 to undergo a major renovation, The Ritz, Paris, will be re-opened. Began in March 2016, the hotel will open a reservation.

As reported by Women’s Wear Daily website on Thursday (08/13/2015), the price of the room opened from US $ 985. The 5-star Ritz included as one of the luxurious and legendary in the world.

Many famous guests have been staying at the hotel that was established 117 years ago. One example is Princess Diana.

Author Ernest Hemingway and designer Coco Chanel even staying at the hotel for many years. Therefore, there are hotel suites, named the two figures.

The plan, the fashion house Chanel opens first spa there. With the name `Chanel au Ritz Paris`, spa are designed for skin care.

Aug 27

Exploring Unique Restaurants in Russia

Twin StarsA restaurant that is arguably unique, because of the owners to the employees who worked twins. So everything in the restaurant’s brothers, except for the guests.

The owner of the restaurant which is located in Moscow, it promises guests a very memorable dining experience. Not because vodka drinks were very good, but because the presence of all the workers the same alias identical twins.

The restaurant’s name was Twin Stars. Its owner, Alexei Khodorovsky only employ a twin brother, as bartenders and waiters twins. The presence of twins, managed to attract the attention of visitors to eat at the restaurant Twin Stars.

Even the owner of the restaurant is very proud of, because the twin concept restaurant is the only one in the world. “I was inspired by the 1960 movie, in which a girl finds herself in a parallel universe and discover there is another version of itself and its twin,” said Alexei.

According to him, so far there is no problem with the concept of his twin restaurant. Precisely the visitors the restaurant looks happy, can enjoy the services of the twins. They look amazed at God’s creatures who become workers in the restaurant.

Twin Stars1

“We worked as a bartender before this summer, in a different company. It (the bartender) was the beginning of our work to become more professional,” said Artyem working with his identical twin brother named Roman.

“We really liked the job,” said Artyem which explains that the profession is very suitable for him and his brother.

Looking for people like Artyem and Roman is a challenge for the restaurant owners. Moreover, looking identical twins who have experience of working in a restaurant, it is very difficult to track down.

Nika one identical twin girls who also worked at the restaurant Twin Stars also admitted very pleased to be working in that place.

“One pair (twins) has fun. When there are two, it’s more than just fun,” said Nika who also works with its twin in twin Stars.

Aug 26

Unique Restaurants Serve Food Made From `Garbage` Supermarket

Rub og StubLatest Data Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), in October 2013 calls, one of eight people in the world suffers from hunger. More than 842 million people, or about 12% of the Earth’s population, is chronically malnourished. On the other hand, each year, 2 billion tons of food to be consumed ends up in the trash. From households, markets, and a modern supermarket. Without realizing it, you, we, do it.

A new restaurant in Denmark has a solution to address food wasted it. Rub og Stub restaurant provides a menu of food that is thrown away from the supermarket. Besides aiming to reduce junk food, the restaurant is set to raise money for charity.

“Too much food is thrown away in Denmark. We wanted to do something,” said one of the founders of the restaurant, Sophie Sales, as published Oddity Central.

So far, a unique restaurant that can provide a lot of menus, from vegetables to dishes of mutton and duck breast.

The materials are supplied from the two largest grocery store chain supermarkets Denmark, Coop Denmark.

Rub og Stub initial idea came from the ‘Freegans’ or scavengers-they are going through trash bins to find food that can still be consumed. But it must be noted, they are not bums.

Moreover, supermarkets and grocery stores often discard food ingredients simply because its shape is no longer beautiful. Not because it could no longer be consumed.

Although based on good intentions, some critics pointed to what the founders of the restaurant just to make a profit. However, the Rub og Stub said that, besides the project director and chef Irina Bothmann, all the staff are volunteers. Money that they can be donated to three charities in Sierra Leone.

They also denied serve a written rubbish, just as the French media. “The media there exaggerate by writing, ‘garbage plate’. That’s not true, the material we get is food that is not sold that day and removed from supermarket shelves,” said Sophie Sales.

Another obstacle facing the restaurant, there is no fixed supplier. There is no contract signed. “We ask the supermarkets deliver the goods to be their waste. But sometimes they ask us to pay.”

Rub og Stub is struggling to get more donors. “Rub og Stub is an innovative concept, I hope there are more like this in Denmark,” said Irina Bothmann chef.

Aug 26

3 Cities in World Not Convenient to Visited

Traveling to other cities had the pleasure and difficulties of its own. Especially if the cities visited is located in another country.

By visiting the cities that exist in other countries, one can feel the direct cultural differences, ranging from language, food, and so forth.

Some of the things found in those cities may be very unpleasant. But some other things can make you frustrated.

Problems such as pollution, population density, and other problems of a city might be a consideration for you to no longer visit the city.

Here are the cities in the world with its problems that make people think twice to visit him,

Delhi, India (The Most Dirty)

Delhi, India

By the World Health Organization, the city was declared as the dirtiest city in the world. India’s Center for Science and Development called the level of air pollution in Delhi reached 60 times worse than the level they should be.

Moscow, Russia (City With Traffic Congestion Worst hit)

City With Traffic Congestion Worst hit

Based on data from the Dutch company, maker of GPS, TomTom, the level of congestion in Moscow reached 74%. The figure exceeds the index of the company’s global traffic.

Caracas, Venezuela (The Most Dangerous)


The murder rate in a year in the Venezuelan capital has reached 119 cases per 100,000 population. Venezuela’s political and economic conditions have an impact on the crime rate in the city of 3.2 million people.

Aug 25

Enjoy Historic Buildings while Staying at the University of Oxford

Oxford UniversityYou may have aspirations to study at the University of Oxford. Included as one of the oldest universities in the world, and the oldest in England, Oxford has scored a lot of world leaders through quality education that were presented. One of the world leaders who have been educated at university it was Ronald Reagan, former president of the United States

If the bench has not been able to get an education at Oxford, you can taste it first it feels to stay in the rooms of students who were there. At the time of the summer holidays, many Oxford students who returned to their homes.

Emptiness rooms were used by the university for rent for tourists who want to stay there. Keble College in Oxford rents more than 300 student rooms for tourists.

By staying in Oxford, tourists can enjoy the historic buildings of the university. Facility breakfast, which is included in the rental price, can be enjoyed in the dining hall Keble College. Room with 1 bed for rent at a price of 65 pounds per night.

For a room with 2 beds, the rent is 95 pounds per night. At that price, tourists can enjoy the view of the university park in the room, internet access, and a student bar.

dining hall

If you want to enjoy dinner in the dining hall, tourists can pay as little as 22 pounds. Domestic officer Keble College, Nick French, saying “We will always be happy to welcome visitors who wish to explore the historic surroundings of Oxford”.

During his stay in Oxford, tourists can enjoy a variety of areas of the university, such as the River Cherwell, Oxford University Museum of Natural History, and so forth.

Aug 24

Family Tour Accompanied By a Thousands of Dwarves

Gnome ReserveIn family tourism, the location is still beautiful with satisfactory accommodation is an ideal thing. Things to Do Gnome Reserve – translates to “Nature Reserve Dwarfs” – in, North Devon, England, offers it. And with the addition of thousands of dwarves.

Located in the countryside between Biderod and Bude, just 11.3 kilometers from the boundary Devon Cornwall, it has a small forest reserve, rivers, ponds, gardens and pastures. In locations that are beautiful, installed more than a thousand gnomes were put spread – along with 250 species of flowers and spice plants, grasses, and shrubs.

Gnome Reserve1

Provided dwarf hat and fishing rod are rented to visitors. You are free to capture the moments you and your family with the dwarves to complement your photo album.

Visitors also do not have to worry accommodation. There are a lot of hotels are located just minutes walk from tourist sites. In addition, you can watch the making of gnomes who become an indoor decoration until the painting process in Kiln.

Dwarves are considered a reserve location mascot as a symbol of joy in all human activities, from working to have fun.

Aug 23

New round Suez Canal

Suez CanalReopened in 1975 after being closed due to the war between Egypt and Israel, the Suez Canal in August 2014 ago launched an ambitious mission to build a new canal along the 22 miles, which allows shipping can be done in two directions. In 2015, the aspiration is completed, and the Suez Canal can now be used for shipping both ways.

Employs more than 43,000 people, a New Suez Canal project to be completed within one year, passed the target that has been planned is three years. The project is managed dredge 242 cubic meters of soil, to produce a new canal with a length of 35 km with a depth of 24 m.

Suez Canal1

Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, Egypt’s President, recently inaugurated New Suez Canal in the presence of world leaders, guests, and the whole society of Egypt. Expansion of cruise lines that coincide with the opening of a new path, that established the position of the Suez Canal as one of the most important and the busiest canals in the world.

After the expansion and opening of new lanes, traffic vessel traffic in the Suez Canal is expected to rise more than 50%, with a daily volume increased from 49 vessels to 97 vessels. In addition, the ship transit time will be reduced to 8 hours overall. Thus, the value of revenues from the Suez Canal is predicted to rise until doubled.

“This is a very proud day, not only for the Suez Canal Authority and President El-Sisi, but also the entire community of Egypt, which has been trying to achieve the almost impossible to make this dream come true,” said Admiral Mohab Mameesh, Chairman of Canal Authority Suez, on the sidelines of the launch of new lines.

“Today, to give a gift to the world, we offer a new Egypt more prosperous and positive. For that, we put the Suez Canal as the highlight of the cruise industry, “he added.

In the next two weeks, the new path of the Suez Canal would welcome the arrival of the cruise, and the business is expected to grow rapidly after the official launch of this. What about traveling the world, whether the opening of new lines of the Suez Canal would affect the development of marine tourism in the world?

Aug 22

Seeing Tradition Whale Catch On Lamalera

lamaleraLamalera is a village, located on the island of Lembata, East Nusa Tenggara, known as the village of whalers. Habits hunt whales in this village have existed since the 17th century. Pope or in the local language known as Baleo can occur anytime during the year, but not all whales to be hunted Lamalera society.

Not all whales could be hunted. Blue whale or Balaenoptera musculus Latin name for example.Whales this type should not be hunted, other than for the sake of preserving the marine mammals are rare, the legend Lamalera respect as animal blue whale ever saved Lembata.


In the tradition of capturing whales, Lamalera people still use the traditional way, by using boats known as peledang. Peledang not executed using a machine, but rather by a flock matros or rower. In one peledang are 4-6 matros led by an interpreter lamafa or stabbing.

Lamalera public knows fishing season known as Lewa. Lewa held each year in May. In the Lewa, Lamalera society, not only capture whales, but also rays and dolphins. However, fishing at the time Lewa is not done on a large scale, and the meat is only consumed alone or bartered for food.

Lamalera has a barter market is opened once a week. In this market, villagers can exchange Lamalera ivory fish has with other foodstuffs. A piece of whale meat, for example, can be exchanged with 15 pieces of corn or a bunch of bananas.

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