Jan 23

5 Ways “Traveling” Easier and Cheaper

travelingNews about rising ticket prices, travel cost, to the room rate, make travel plans are increasingly complex and increasingly costly. But with the advancement of information technology, access to cheap deals and recommendations may change all that.

With the advent of new innovations can make it easy for travelers to plan their trips. Starting from a cheap ticket, search for suitable accommodation budget, until a tourist destination can be visited alone, to save money during the traveling never seemed easier.

The next question, however, is the ease with which it can be cheaper to shut down a conventional tour operator business? Here are five ways to change the way easier and cheaper.

1. The growth of the concept of the Sharing Economy.

The concept of Sharing Economy or economic sharing is when people use personal assets or their time to earn extra money. This makes people can travel without depending on tourist hotels, taxi, tour package even the conventional ones, which tend to be more expensive. Call it like Airbnb sites for accommodation, food, and EatWitth to Vayable for package tours.

Although this site has been around since long, surprising is their growth so drastic. Airbnb for example, has a list of accommodation that is generally up to the private apartments, rooms of approximately 550,000 list in 2013 and in 2014 that number rose to one million. In 2014, it is seen how the great loss in how growth “Sharing Economy” is. Also the average of individual comfort level in the use of these sites. Of course, this trend will continue to increase with the passage of time.

2. The emergence of many new search applications.

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Jan 05

Tips “Diving” For Beginners

diving tipsSEE natural beauty under the sea, becoming an attraction for some people. See various kinds of biota in the bottom of the sea, such as coral reefs, fish-other fish, and gives a different sensation if we see sights such as the beach and the beauty of the mountain.

But Diving has difficulty levels and dangerous for novices. How to tips for diving or diving is good for beginners. The main thing to note that security.

“Make it a habit there is always a Divemaster (scuba divers expert) at the time of dive discovery (explore the sea) that do not have a license. Because prior to acquire it, we will receive a lot of information about safe diving. ”

If you want to dive does not have to be able to swim. But, according to him, it was back to the choice of each person.

“If my advice anyway, preferably can swim first. Accustomed in the water at least wrote. Because the reply is already comfortable in the water, certainly back again with regard to security, “he said.

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Jan 01

The Importance Of Making Travel Arrangements

Travel ArrangementsFor most people making the trip has become something common in his spare time. Travel is no longer a luxury thing into something that has a price of expensive thing to do. Even some people have made sightseeing trips or traveling as usual routines performed with due time.

In addition to the importance of having the reference travel destinations to be visited. Planning a good trip also becomes something deserving priority, when we were about to start a tour. By doing a good trip planning, then the purpose of travel activities we do will get its full potential.

In a simple way be construed as an activity of a person, who move from one place to another in which the top of the movement. While the trip may be interpreted as a trip activities undertaken by a person to a place with different origins, to enjoy the attractions and tourist attraction in a while.

Planning itself is the first step that is carried out by a person, as a preparation before starting an activity. Planning a trip can be done when the purpose of such activities can already prescribe, so someone could prepare whatever needs that may be needed in such activities.

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